About Us

John Shea

I have been listening to Metalcore / Hardcore music since around 2003. I realized after many years of finding new artists and watching these genre’s become more and more popular there was a huge lack of websites that really allow you to discover new music videos.

There are MANY blogs out there with consistent content being added, I sometimes spend 2-3 hours a week just listening to music trying to find what I like. I believe a lot of these blogs are great resources for finding new music, but what about music videos? That is why I created Metalcore Kingdom. I wanted to create a central place fans of this music could find videos for their favorite artists.

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Ana K

Hi, my name is Ana and I’m from Split, Croatia where I study entrepreneurship at University Department of Professional Studies. I’ve been posting content on this site since May 2013. Also, I add music to Metalcore Kingdom radio, assisting John with SkullClothing.net and I write articles for Infozona.hr and Sidrome.com covering online marketing topics. I’m a huge fan of metalcore, hardcore and (horror) punk music for about 10 years and I’m always on the lookout for new bands. That was the main reason I’ve decided to help John run this great site and help bands promote their music.