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Band Interview With Because Of Me

Check out this exclusive interview with the band Because Of Me. They are a metalcore band based in London UK.

1. Tell us about your band and how it all got started?


Well, all band members were involved in different bands before .Everyone of us has got different story to tell but few factors united us together . Faith ,friendship , passion for music. This all really had an impact on us . Sure it’s fun playing songs for your own enjoyment, but it’s more fun to share your music with others. Playing in a band keeps you motivated .Craig and I managed to start this bands together, then Max who joined on guitar. We have had some changes with bass players and I did invited my very good friend Seth who was very excited to get on board. We have spend some time looking for a drummer who would meet our criteria and looks like finally we got one.His name is Joseph.

2. What bands are you influenced by and why?

Craig (vox)

Bands and artists that have a message of hope and realness to them
For me it’s August Burns Red ,For Today ,Stick To Your Guns ,Sleeping Giant.

There all driven with so much passion for what they do and that influences me greatly and inspires me to want to raise my game when writing and performing  I used to like a lot of negative music back ago but that just puts an even darker cloud over your head when you are already in a bad position in your own head .So yeah words of encouragement and hope for me.

3. What is your favorite venue for live shows that you have played or attended shows at?


Here in London UK we have got a lot of great venues. The British Punk/Hxc scene is alive and well. Camden Town has more that its fair share of iconic music venues. I’ve had this priviledge to play with my former band at The Roundhouse and Barfly. I am also attending venues at Underworld and Electric Ballroom and Islington Academy.Those are my favorite places and we are looking forward to play on them soon, I am aware of the fact that rest of guys got their own choices.

4. Where do you see the future of metalcore music going in 2016 and beyond?


Well…genres evolve and metalcore is certainly no exception. I have no clue how big the changes will be but I think more bands will lead this genre to new artistic territory and impressive live experiences. Let’s wait for what 2016/2017 has got to offer.

5. Who are your favorite bands to play with live?


We’re actually starting our journey as band together so best is yet to come. We are looking forward to play as many shows and festivals as possible and establish our name on metalcore scene here in UK.