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Band Interview With Here Lies Titania

  1. Tell us about your band and how it all got started?

[JM] Funnily enough, we started off as an indie-rock band playing some local pubs. My heart has always been with metal but as a musician I love exploring other genres. We got to the point where we would jam metal before indie gigs and we all realised we should just start a metal band. We’ve all been best friends for years now, it’s now a family to us. We’re all from the small town of Fleet, so we all grew up together, did some stupid shit, and made music together… but this band is our lives, and we are all happy to dedicate our lives for as long as we need to keep it going.

The name, Here Lies Titania comes from one of my favourite plays, A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

  1. What bands are you influenced by and why?

[JM] Personally for me, I have always been inspired by Mitch Lucker, from Suicide Silence. When I first got into metal I used to go into the woods behind my house late at night to practice screaming like him, just walking out with some crappy earphones in listening to O.C.D. and trying to sound just like him.

As a band though, we are all influenced by a lot of different bands and genres. But collectively we are inspired by Thy Art Is Murder, August Burns Red, Architects, Slipknot and more bands along those lines. We do all have our own musical tastes though, so it’s great for when we write to have input from completely diverse influences

  1. What is your favorite venue for live shows that you have played or attended shows at?

[JM] We loved playing the face bar in Reading. The pits and walls of death were crazy. I remember jumping off of the stage and clashing heads with someone in the pit, it was a mad night!

I think Yousef dented the ceiling at that gig, pretty much threw his guitar at the set…

The crowd at face bar didn’t fail me. They knew the words, they went insane, it was such a sick night and we will be returning soon.

  1. Where do you see the future of metalcore music is going in 2016 and beyond?

[JM] I’m not too sure. A lot of the bands I’ve grown up to and listening are starting to mature in terms of writing, and almost edge out of the metalcore industry now. I think it can only get better, there are a lot of amazing, young metalcore bands out there to fill the shoes of the bands that may be taking a different route in terms of genre. Hopefully we will be one of those bands filling in in the years to come.

  1. Who are your favorite bands to play with live?

[JM] Shoutout to Obey, Ghost of Machines and edenfalls! It’s amazing to say that we have played with them. We came off stage, into the dressing room and all we could hear was this insane guitar solo coming from the venue. We pretty much just legged it back into the venue, showed them our stamps, and joined to crowd. After everyone had played, we all sat outside as a massive group, had a few beers and talked. It was an amazing night and they are all such inspiring and talented musicians.