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Fit For a King – Deathgrip Album Review

It’s been a big year for the Fit For A King boys, having consistently toured since the start of the year, celebrated multiple single releases and unveiled their fourth studio album ‘Death Grip’ on October 7th; 2016 is looking promising for the Christian Metal core group.

Taking inspiration from their previous phenomenal albums: Creation/ Destruction and ‘Slave to Nothing’, ‘Death Grip’ resonates the bands signature style with heavy breakdowns, screams and impressive riffs; it’s metal core down to a tea, something Fit For a King do well. The album is pissed off to the core and often emotional, featuring thoughtful dark lyrics such as

‘We live in a place where 500,00 people disappear without a trace, no funeral, no regard, just another number in the body count’ and ‘Walk the line or society will swallow us whole, fall behind and let the hate consume you’

So if you’re looking for something to aggressively bang your head to while feeling everything from angry to moved you’ve come to the right place.

A solid 30+ minutes of head banging, heavy beats and catchy songs later and there’s an overall sensation of being very impressed, while sometimes it does slow in refreshing breakdowns/ features them very sparsely, it still entertains and with the band demolishing every song it’s hard not to love. Despite a few weak songs it doesn’t fail to bring something new, exciting and impressive to already impressive Fit For A King discography.

First single released from the album, ‘Pissed Off’ provides a slower track, which seems a little repetitive at times, with similar guitar patterns played over and a lack of breakdowns it seemed to fail to impress at first. Despite this the track still provides an angry and heavy song true to the bands set style with gruff vocals and anger charged lyrics. The song ending ends up reinforcing the band’s metal core status, with Ryan Kirby demonstrating his impressive vocals by screaming his way to the end of the song, Fit For A King show the audience they know exactly what they’re doing.

For those who’s enjoy their metal brutal, single ‘Stacking Bodies’ provides the perfect track to mosh to, coming in hard and fast and keeping the album fresh with it’s intensity, heavy guitar patterns and dark, up against the devil lyrics, it’s a head banger from the very beginning. Stacking Bodies is the violent wake up call the album needed.

While catchy and often Ambient ‘Death Grip’ and its ideas originate from a dark and serious place, taken from the shocking November 2015 Paris attacks, the same city where the band where meant to play 4 days later; The album echoes the band’s thoughts on not only how fragile life can be but the constant grip death has on us all.

Death Grip is the harrowing musical story, which features catchy, heavy tunes  while sometimes sounding slightly repetitive in comparison to their previous works it does what it says on the metal core tin, and with Fit For A King’s signature spin and the album’s darkly rooted backstory it doesn’t fail to leave you feeling musically satisfied with heavy riffs, great breakdowns and impressive lows. If you’re looking for solid metal core with a message go give Fit For A King’s ‘Death Grip’ a listen.