Metalcore Bands

Metalcore Bands

I have been listening to Metalcore bands since 2005. My first ever hardcore/metalcore show was in a small venue called The Bombshelter that is located in Manchester, NH.

I saw a band called Remembering Never. This show was much different from the wave of ‘nu-metal’ shows that was slowly starting to decline in popularity (in my opinion anyways). I remember getting pushed in the crowd even being as far back from the pit as I could, the kids at this show were just out right going nuts to this music! At first I really didn’t like heavy constant screaming but began to grow and really enjoy this music and eventually just really dig breakdowns. I give credit to one of my favorite bands for really breaking me into this genre and got me into metalcore bands in general, that band is Bleeding Through. I remember listening to the album, ‘This is Love, This is Murderous’ for the first time and just thought it was outright awful. I began to listen to them more and have since really started to enjoy this music. It is practically all I listen to now.

Bleeding Through

Metalcore Bands - Bleeding Through

Parkway Drive

Metalcore Bands - Parkway Drive

The Devil Wears Prada

Metalcore Bands - TDWP

Metalcore bands in New England

I live in New England and this just so happens to be one of the biggest homes for some of my favorite Metalcore bands such as Vanna, Lions Lions, and Our Last Night (NH) just to name a few. A few months ago I started working on a project to help these bands by creating a website dedicated completely to music videos, it is a great site to allow people to get a taste of how a band sounds at their best and decide if they would like to perhaps buy their music or see them at local show.


Metalcore Bands - Vanna

I thought I’d post up a list of all the metalcore bands that I personally have posted up on my site and share this with the world. I sometimes spend anywhere from 2-5 hours a week downloading and listening to new music and finding new metalcore bands on Facebook trying to discover new artists and metalcore bands I think really have an amazing sound and deserve to be discovered by others.

Bring Me The Horizon

Metalcore Bands - BMTH

This is my current list of metalcore bands as of July 2012.

So here it is, my favorite Metalcore bands:


Currently this list contains 355 metalcore bands as of July 2012. If you would like to add more metalcore bands to this list you can use the form here.

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